webcam synchronization

hi all,

i work on a gesture recognition project. I would like to realize that with two cameras which are positioned orthogonal to each other. Now I have to choose two webcams! Do you aware of any web cams which are reliable under linux and windows?

Then the main question I have is, where there is someone how have some experience in synchronization of two usb web cams?!? I should have an image from both camera at nearly the same time(I know that a little time difference is regular)!
How do you solve this problem with openFrameworks?

thanks for your replies.


We are running two USB webcameras in the project we are working on. All we do is starting two videoGrabber objects in the setup function in testApp.cpp (mainSystem.cpp on windows), something like this:

//Setup camera one  
cam1.initGrabber(CAM1_RES_WIDTH, CAM1_RES_HEIGHT);  
//Setup camera two  
cam2.initGrabber(CAM2_RES_WIDTH, CAM2_RES_HEIGHT);  

The two camera ids you can get with the listDevices() function on any videoGrabber object. It will print all device IDs to console. Beware that sometimes your machine could switch the IDs, kinda annoying, haven’t figured out a way to recognize the cameras automatically.

Also if you use two cameras of the same type you can’t see which is which with the listDevices function as they have the same name. We are using two Logitech Quickcam Pro 9000. They work quite well on PCs… on mac they work but you haven’t really got any control of it, the camera has a lot of automatic processing going on which you might want to turn off.