Webcam OSX 720p fixed 30 fps?

hi OFs

I’m looking for a OSx webcam that can capture at 1280x720 at fixed 30 fps (or even better 60 fps). I’ve tried a Microsoft Live Studio camera but i can’t make it work at 30 fps or any fixed framerate. With the OF simple videograbber example the camera works, but the framerate is low and the latency arround 1s.

I tried with ofxUVC but couldn’t make it work … This is what USB Probe told me about the cam :

bcdDevice   275 (0x113)
bDeviceClass   239 (0xef)
bDeviceProtocol   1 (0x1)
bDeviceSubClass   2 (0x2)
bMaxPacketSize0   64 (0x40)
bNumConfigurations   1 (0x1)
Bus Power Available   250 (0xfa)
Device Speed   2 (0x2)
idProduct   1906 (0x772)
idVendor   1118 (0x45e)
iManufacturer   1 (0x1)
IOGeneralInterest   IOCommand is not serializable
IOUserClientClass   IOUSBDeviceUserClientV2
iProduct   2 (0x2)
iSerialNumber   0 (0x0)
locationID   -99352576 (0xfa140000)
Low Power Displayed   No
PortNum   4 (0x4)
Requested Power   250 (0xfa)
sessionID   61218715980597 (0x97d1d33597d1d335)
USB Address   5 (0x5)
USB Product Name   Microsoft® LifeCam Studio(TM)
USB Vendor Name   Microsoft

So i tried adding this preset in ofxUVC example into camera_settings_yml:

- name: Microsoft® LifeCam Studio(TM)
  vendorId: 0x45e
  productId: 0x0772
  interfaceNum: 0x01
  width: 640
  height: 360

So maybe the Microsoft LiveCam Studio is not a good option for OSx ?
Any webcam that can handle fixed 30 fps and might work in OSx 10.9 and OF 0.81 ?

At 640x480 i can capture with Sony PS3Eye … but i would like to get a higher resolution …

Thanks for any advice !


The logitech c920 is a good out of the box solution (1080p at 30fps) that works without any addons. If you need 60fps, the point grey flea 3 is a good option (but requires addon).

hi @trentbrooks !

You said you can use the c920 out of the box at 1080p and fixed fps in OSx ?? No ofxUVC or nothing ?
As I read some people where struggling with the c920 to have manual control over it i thought it was not possible to achieve 1080p and 30fps easyly …

I’ll give it a try then ! Thanks !


Actually, I’m pretty sure the c910 was the one that worked perfectly with just ofVideoGrabber on osx + windows. The c920 we only tested on windows. I don’t see why it wouldn’t work on osx though, even if you have to install the UVC drivers.