Webcam emulation

Hi all -

I’m wondering if anyone might have tips on how to emulate a webcam in Windows?

I’d like to create a Direct Show webcam feed from an ofFbo.

Or maybe there is an app out there that bridges Spout and Direct Show?

Thanks :slight_smile:

I’m interrested too :slight_smile: Any idea ?

Thanks for reminding me about this - haven’t found a solution but I just came across this: webcamoid.

It claims to work with Skype on Windows but it’s not working for me with either 64 or 32 bit versions on Win 10.

I’d like to find a library that would allow me to pipe video into Skype or Google Hangouts. On Windows, that might be a DirectShow filter - I think it requires a kernel extension on Mac. I was hoping for clues in the webcamoid code, but it’s all built in Qt which I don’t have experience with.

You’d have to test this, but maybe the easier solution is oF->Spout (on windows of course) and then Spout to virtual webcam. I found this on github, worth a shot.