Web based UI, Electron CEF

What is the status of web based UIs?
Anybody successfully integrating OF with CEF or Electron?

It seems that ofxCEF is not really mantained?

Seems somebody was asking similar question 3 years ago… :blush:

Hey @Jordi, I’m not sure if it is what you mean but the project generator runs an ofApp on the background while the UI is made with electron.

Also, @zach made this great project where the frontend was running on a browser while all the image processing was done by OF. He also has this addon so I guess that he’s the man to answer your questions.
all the best!

Thank you @roymacdonald!

Yes i know about the addon and about PG.
As you said PG is Electron + calls to OF CommandLine. So it is not a good option for me.

I would like to run an OF app with a UI based on CEF/electron, as if it was ImGui or any other UI running on the application. I have been trying the addon (its a fork by @Echolaitoc which seems more up to date) but i get crashes on runtime.

I will keep trying and see how far in can get. It seems to me that CEF + OF could bring many benefits that other UIs can offer, like allowing you to write portable HTML, CSS…

Ah btw i didn’t know about Zack’s project. Really cool!! reminds me of an old project of mine called Mask :smile:

I see. Well that’s all I’ve got on the subject.
Never really tried HTML and OF together in any form.


@Jordi, did you manage to do what you wanted?
I was able to use electron as UI with OF, using ofxJSONRPC addon.

Hi @Meach,

I wasn’t satisfied with the results of the tests I did at that time. So I ended up working with Qt.
I still would love to see more examples of web based UIs in OF, so if you get some good results don’t hesitate to share them. Thank you!

hey @Jordi,

I tested too the ofxCEF to handle a gui with jquery buttons, sliders…etc but I felt it slow too. Sometimes the buttons don’t get the click for example.

Can you share some screenshots of the guis you (or other examples you saw) made with qt?