Web Based interface / GUI

I’ve been using some GUIs in OF but I’m currently facing issues, things are not easy to maintain, reuse or integrate.

I need an easy to maintain, embeddable, multi platform interface. Something that a web developer could work with (Html5, css, javascript…) and something that can behave similarly to a browser based language: allowing links and active objects to be cached by C++. Basically a smart way to detach Application code from UI code.

I have been looking at Awesomium but I just started.
I would like to know what are the downsides of going this way and if there are better alternatives.
Also please share your opinions and any ideas you think are relevant to this topic.

Some other people is working with other tools like CEF as seen in this thread.
I still have to wrap my head around this.
So any hints will be greatly appreciated.

Happy coding!