Warnings about 'Implicit conversion loses integer precision'

Hi there,

On macOS|Sierra (10.12.2),
with Xcode 8.2.1
with openFrameworks 0.9.8.

After applying the ‘update recommended settings’ for both the project and the openFramework .xcodeproj files, there’s a lots of new warnings (200+) that appear, even with an empty project freshly created with the project generator.

Those warnings are mostly related to implicit conversion of numbers.

For example:
Implicit conversion loses integer precision: ‘ssize_t’ (aka ‘long’) to ‘int’

Those warnings seems to be pretty inoffensive and everything work as expected in the projects that I have tested so far, but they are a bit annoying since they totally flood the Xcode Issue navigator.

Since most of those warnings come from the OF source codes, my questions are:

  1. Is there a plan to fix those warnings in a future release, so we can just ignore them until then?
  2. Is there a way just disable those warnings?


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Hi, I also applied the settings update and am now getting hundreds of implicit conversion warnings. Is it ok to ignore or disable those warnings?


Fortunately, all my projects work as expected up to now, even with all those warnings.

It’s just very annoying to dig through hundreds of inoffensive warnings to find real problems in the Xcode Issue Navigator.

I have the impression that we will have to ignore them until someone fix the conversion issues in the OF source code, and it’s probably a low priority task.

If someone from the OF dev team read this, it would be very nice to acknowledge the problem and to give feedback to the community on how/when they plan to adresse those minor issues.


In the meantime, to hide these warnings you can switch “implicit conversion to 32 bit type” to no in your build settings.

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