Warning to Arch users: run pacman -Syu before install_dependencies.sh

Unfortunately the current Arch linux install_dependencies.sh script creates a partial upgrade situation (check it out if you’re not familiar with what that entails).

Often it works without big side-effects, but over the weekend openssl got upgraded from 1.1.1 to 3.0. If your last run of pacman -Syu is prior to november 4 and you run the openframeworks install_dependencies script, it will have pacman trickle down to updating openssl to the latest version (3.0), which removes 1.1.1.

The rest of your system (pacman itself, sudo, ssh, etc) will still look for 1.1.1 and break. Without openssl, rebooting halts very early in the process. If that happens (it did to me) booting archboot USB to re-run pacman -Syu in chroot is the simplest/safest approach.

There is a pull request to fix the script, but for any version of OF prior to it’s acceptance it is recommended/required to run sudo pacman -Syu before running the install_dependencies.

thanks for this heads up – I wonder if also a warning message


would be helpful as well ? it sounds like you can get into a pretty gnarly situation. maybe we can just link to this or let me know if there’s a specific language that would be good to use.

Ah yes good to mention it on the install page! As to what should be written, if you follow the Arch way, it says: Always upgrade (with pacman -Syu) before installing a package. (bold in original text)

This is designed to keep things as bleeding edge as coherently possible. However it’s not always the time to do a full upgrade, especially if you haven’t done it in a while, and also especially with self-built binaries or libraries that rely on specific versions of libraries or kernel (Nvidia, Decklink, etc). But then again, if you’re running install_dependencies.sh, you’re probably not doing it 2h before your show? (Or you have a fresh machine which implies a recent -Syu and the implicit expectations of some compilation fiddling). So considering the operation of installing OF, maybe the question is moot and -Syu should simply be advocated. (and perhaps a warning “you can try it without upgrading but you’re on your own”).

Once the script with -S gets deployed, what will happen is that if someone with an older install does not -Syu and some package is purged out of the mirrors (can take months, even years) that person will have to deal with the 404 problem in the same manner of another -S install (probably motivating a -Syu), so it’s out of OF’s hands, so to speak.