Warning messages Xcode 14.3


I recently upgrade to Xcode 14.3 and I got these warning messages each time I run a project.

2023-08-06 20:59:13.221687-0400 testDebug[28958:10934022] [Window] Warning: Window GLFWWindow 0x7f92b690b7d0 ordered front from a non-active application and may order beneath the active application’s windows.
2023-08-06 21:00:43.143690-0400 testDebug[28958:10935278] [client] No error handler for XPC error: Connection invalid

Someone knows how to get rid of these messages ? I’m on of_v0.11.2 version.

Do you know if this issue happens using nightly builds?

Nop… I’m using the latest release (v0.11.2)

We’re currently recommend people use the nightly build as it is much more up to date and we’re close to release.

Can you give it a whirl and see if that removes the warning/error?

Also… we don’t recommend Xcode 14.3 as there is a bug in it that breaks code completion.
It’s fixed in the latest Xcode 15 beta, but 14.3 has buggy code completion.