WANTED: U.S.-based Freelance Android Developer/Coder (Paid Project)

Hello All,
We are a small tech startup based in Memphis and are looking for a freelance Android code developer to assist us in quickly completing a portion of the programming for our tablet application so we can move it forward from its current proof of concept status to completion as a rock-solid application.

Project Description
The finished Android app must be able to

  1. run on a dedicated tablet that will display sensor serial data streaming over Bluetooth
  2. save data to tablet
  3. manage data and send data via WiFi to server for archiving and to web page for viewing
  4. print out formatted data to a Bluetooth label printer

a) The tablet will act as an “always connected” add-on to the sensor
b) The application’s data acquisition and data management functions are to be controlled via our jQuery Mobile GUI design. UI for settings/preferences can be generic, and primarily determined by the freelance developer.
c) Data management involves lightweight spreadsheet functions such as totaling and averaging saved values, entering text to be associated with saved values, and associating text selected from a saved list created by user input.

• Target date for finished project delivery is April 30, 2016. We hope to hire by Jan. 30 and we estimate 30-60 days for development and 30 days for bench testing and bug fixes.
• 2 samples of previous relevant work required
• Freelancer must be U.S.-based. Drivable proximity to Memphis, Tennessee would be a plus.
• Students are welcome to apply if fully capable of delivering all project requirements.
• The product is extendable, so we would like to establish a developer relationship that can grow with us!

If you’re interested in finding out more, email David Roth at: david@dabradata.com