Wanted // App for Remote Control of Christie Projectors


I work with projectors a lot. I also usually need to remote control them, schedule them, and automate their actions.

Sometimes this is easy and there is an app. Most of the time there is not or it is only made for one platform.

I recently got a Christie HD14k-M for a project. I need a simple and reliable way to turn the projector on at a certain time and then turn it off a few hours later. I am using an Ethernet between the projector and my Mac Pro running El Capitan.

There is no app that exists to do this for OS X so I would like to hire someone to make such a tool.

I found a very comprehensive guide on the serial commands used in these projectors which can be found here: https://www.christiedigital.com/SupportDocs/Anonymous/020-100224-10-Christie-LIT-TECH-REF-M-Series-Serial-Commands.pdf

For me this is conceptually available but I am really not in the right boat to make this app solid. I would like to hire someone.

At it’s core it just needs the on/off control and scheduling. More advanced features would cover all of the settings and controls there.

This is of course very similar to the thread on the PJLink app I needed (and found). Except this is not the PJLink protocol so I made a new thread.

Thank you!

if the purpose is to power on/off the projector at certain time, the simplest way would be to launch an automator script using iCal. I prefer Cron (i personnaly use Cronnix : http://www.macupdate.com/app/mac/7486/cronnix) but iCal should be good and it is included in OSX.

open script editor under mac.

add this command line (change IP address and port as needed)
do shell script "echo '(PWR 1)' | nc 3002"

save (file->save) as an application (not a script)

then in iCal create an alarm that opens the scripted app at a scheduled time.

I use Cron script too on Linux to remote projector or screen.

Different ways you can imagine :

  • Simply manage hardware power on / off (i don’t know if this projector is auto power on/off, but it is the most efficient way)
  • Simply manage the input video source (lot of projector can be power up simply by a serial input, and shut down after 1 minutes…)
  • Use the API
  • Use a IR virtual remote (as USB dongle)

I found PJLink gives you very basic control over a Christie Projector.
But the model i used also allowed for TCP control.
So i made this addon: