Vtable error??

This is the error:

obj\debug\src\main.o(.text$_ZN7testAppC1Ev[testApp::testApp()]+0x45)||In function ZN15ofAppBaseWindow21runAppViaInfiniteLoopEP9ofBaseApp':| libs\openFrameworks\app\ofAppBaseWindow.h||undefined reference tovtable for testApp’|

**What do you think?

So I looked up vtables, found this description:
**Suppose a program contains several classes in an inheritance hierarchy: a superclass, Cat, and two subclasses, HouseCat and Lion. Class Cat defines a virtual function named speak, so its subclasses may provide an appropriate implementation (i.e., either meow or roar).

When the program calls the speak method on a Cat pointer (which can point to a Cat class, or any subclass of Cat), the run-time environment must be able to determine which implementation to call, depending on the actual type of object that is pointed to.

There are a variety of different ways to implement such dynamic dispatch, but the vtable solution is especially common among C++ and related languages

One additional piece of info:
I’m using easygui (want to credit the author, but can’t remember right now, it’s an implementation of simplegui). I think it might be a problem with the gui program calling the old window system, when now the window is a glut (?) window. I’m still kinda fuzzy on all the new stuff in .06.
Anyone know a good place to read about the new windows?

Ok, i commented out tastApp::draw() in my testApp.cpp. Really dumb.

Actually, I find Vtable errors to be some of the more cryptic messages C++ has on offer…so don’t worry, I’m sure it has confused plenty of people before you (including myself)