Vsync on Windows

Hi list,

I have moved a project to the target machine and it seems vsync does not work there. (I get framerates above 60 and I see tearing).

I already read a lot and tried some settings like ofSetVerticalSync and setVerticalSync on window to no avail. I did also update drivers of course. In the end I managed to obviously get V-Sync working by using

Framerate is around 60 then, unpredictable tearing is gone.
BUT I still have a strange effect: First 50px (approx) seen from above lag (move a little bit slower), the Rest of the screen is good. So each movement brings a “divided screen” at always the exact same height. Something like a predictable, precise tearing. This happens with other screens exactly the same.

With a second monitor connected (mulitply mode) first monitor is the same, second monitor shows a clearly divided tear also, which is wandering slowly downwards. With second monitor in extended desktop mode all tearing is gone.

I am confused.

Any help would be highly appreciated!

Opened an issue on github as requested. Have a great day all!

It would be good to open an issue on github specifying your OS and GPU.
Many others could encounter the same problem and eventually, the solution.