vscode(Visual Studio Code) + oF


I can say that this is currently working for myself. it created & started up a viscose project - just trying a simple build & running of it

in many ways id love to cut out using Xcode. whilst its great for really heavy use & to test things with tools to measure memory etc. sometimes you just need something to run code :wink:

ill give an update if anything changes or if there are specific problems

is there any way to have a RunDebug setting. doing a build pops up with debug build, but not running

thanks again for this. great work :wink:

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Hit F5 key to start debugging.

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This is great! Is there any talk of getting this merged into the official PG repo ?


It’s already merged into latest master. The PR above is closed because we decided another solution(using template feature). Right now you can only generate vscode project via command line PG. After checkout latest master and install command line PG, try following cmd.
projectGenerator -o"your/oF/" -t"vscode" your/project

More details here


Thanks for your excellent work. It works great until I need an addon. When I compile I get the same ‘undefined reference to …’ egimage


I’ve added the addons into the addons.make file:

Any ideas?


Please try -a option of commandline PG and generate again.


I’ve tried -a option and it actually erased everything inside addons.make.


Try adding all name of addons you need like this

projectGenerator -o"youroF" -a"ofxGui ofxCv" -t"vscode" your/project

Please refer to this page for more about how to use Commandline PG


Hey, i´m trying to start with openframeworks but i can´t get it working with vs code.
i installed everything and it works with xcode. How do i install the commandline PG?
if i paste ‘projectGenerator -t"vscode" your/project’ into Terminal (in openframeworks root directory) it says
‘-bash: projectGenerator: command not found’


I think vscode feature is bit advanced if you are new to C++ programming. If you really want to use oF with vscode, please send me PM I’m happy support. But I recommend to start from Xcode, I also use often.