vscode(Visual Studio Code) + oF

thank you so much!
I’m using arch linux, and some of header search directories are different so I had to modified it. finally it works.

Very usefull!

I’m the only one who has include warning like this?

#include errors detected. Please update your includePath. IntelliSense features for this translation unit (path) will be provided by the Tag Parser.

In which platform and oF version?

Any chance of modifying Project Generator for it to work with VS Code? Any ideas of how to implement this?

So far I’m thinking it’s difficult. If we add vscode support to PG, it means oF also need to support it officially. There are already many IDE support and it looks big job to make sure oF works fine with all of IDEs. Adding vscode support could be another burden to the oF core dev team. In addition, probably there’s not so many vscode + oF users and demands.

But o understand your point that indeed it would be nice to have a tool to generate vscode project. maybe we can make a small scripts. vscode project file is cross platform, (I forgot but just a json file?). It won’t be difficult.

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Could you post your intellisense and debug launch things maybe ?? thanks :slight_smile:

just my 2 cents, VS code is a lovely editor, much better than Qt creator… of course one is an editor and the other an IDE, they are apples and oranges, but… I’d love to see an of version for it :slight_smile:

i did a script to generate vs code oF projects, but only for linux:

By parsing the addons.make it adds all the addons to the workspace, adds the right paths for intellisense and it also create the right settings for debugging using gdb.

It could be a good starting point for project generator integration, at the moment VSCode seems the best IDE* you can find on Linux.

*not counting vim as IDE.


If anyone wants to help adding official support for vscode the PG architecture is pretty straightforward:

You just need to create a new class for vs projects here:

take a look at the qtcreator project which is probably the simplest right now.

Once that’s there it could be added as a new platform so it can be chosen as an option


Great work! But maybe I miss something – how is it possible to add addons to the project so that they compile?
I can see the addons folder in the workspace, I’ve also added the particular addon’s path to includePath and browse.path in c_cpp_properties.json, I’ve included the addon’s name in the addons.make file, but I’m still getting this when trying to build:

fatal error: ‘ofxOsc.h’ file not found
#include “ofxOsc.h”

I’m on OS 10.12.6 and oF 0.10.1 with C++ from Microsoft and C++ Intellisense installed. I’ve got no idea what could be done more. Please, help!

Hello slavo.

Please try this tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TczI-tSOIpY
(033 ofxOsc input basics) or clone code from https://github.com/lewislepton/openFrameworksTutorialSeries/

I hope it helps

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ill give it a shot in theory i can just use the one from QTcreator and replace with VS CODE?

yes you can use it as a template

Hello, just started working on it.

Any suggestion, commits, help are appreciated.


I uploaded compiled alpha version on Google drive.
Currently only OSX app.
I will bake for Linux and Windows tomorrow.

How to

  1. Check README.txt
  2. unzip
  3. double click app
  4. select Visual Studio Code from dropdown list
  5. Please report here or github if something went wrong.

By the way the new release of VS code implements remote editing and debugging in various flavors, just having a peek at that now but it looks very promising

Oh nice, does it work with C++?
Do we need to add some lines to configuration file?

Once we add vscode support to PG, we can easily modify and test new feature by editing template files in /scripts/template/vscode.

According to the docs it should work, I had some issues but didn’t really try that hard. The blog post about the feature is here

[EDIT] Once tasks.json and launch.json are properly configured remote building and debugging works like a charm, you have all console messages in VScode terminal.

Just be careful to add

        "env": {"DISPLAY":":0"},

to the linux section of launch.json, so that OF application will be able to find and open the X11 display. Assuming that remote host is Linux, of course.


I can say that this is currently working for myself. it created & started up a viscose project - just trying a simple build & running of it

in many ways id love to cut out using Xcode. whilst its great for really heavy use & to test things with tools to measure memory etc. sometimes you just need something to run code :wink:

ill give an update if anything changes or if there are specific problems

is there any way to have a RunDebug setting. doing a build pops up with debug build, but not running

thanks again for this. great work :wink:

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Hit F5 key to start debugging.

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