vscode(Visual Studio Code) + oF


Hello, just updated vscode empty project here.

I only tested on OSX but it should be easy to use it in different OS thanks to oF’s Make system.
Currently vscode + C++ has problem of auto completion but it’s quicker than Xcode when jump around your source tree. VS code is lightweight and cross platform(it works on RPi as well!) it might be one of your IDE in 2018.
Eventually I will add Windows and Linux support.


Whoop! Got it working on Ubuntu, too! With IntelliSense and debugging. Goodbye text editor + make commands…


thank you so much!
I’m using arch linux, and some of header search directories are different so I had to modified it. finally it works.


Very usefull!

I’m the only one who has include warning like this?

#include errors detected. Please update your includePath. IntelliSense features for this translation unit (path) will be provided by the Tag Parser.


In which platform and oF version?


Any chance of modifying Project Generator for it to work with VS Code? Any ideas of how to implement this?


So far I’m thinking it’s difficult. If we add vscode support to PG, it means oF also need to support it officially. There are already many IDE support and it looks big job to make sure oF works fine with all of IDEs. Adding vscode support could be another burden to the oF core dev team. In addition, probably there’s not so many vscode + oF users and demands.

But o understand your point that indeed it would be nice to have a tool to generate vscode project. maybe we can make a small scripts. vscode project file is cross platform, (I forgot but just a json file?). It won’t be difficult.


Could you post your intellisense and debug launch things maybe ?? thanks :slight_smile:


just my 2 cents, VS code is a lovely editor, much better than Qt creator… of course one is an editor and the other an IDE, they are apples and oranges, but… I’d love to see an of version for it :slight_smile:


i did a script to generate vs code oF projects, but only for linux:

By parsing the addons.make it adds all the addons to the workspace, adds the right paths for intellisense and it also create the right settings for debugging using gdb.

It could be a good starting point for project generator integration, at the moment VSCode seems the best IDE* you can find on Linux.

*not counting vim as IDE.


If anyone wants to help adding official support for vscode the PG architecture is pretty straightforward:

You just need to create a new class for vs projects here:

take a look at the qtcreator project which is probably the simplest right now.

Once that’s there it could be added as a new platform so it can be chosen as an option