Vs2017(or vs2015) OF0.9.8 ofxOSC errata and solution

(I start to try OF for one week and today I start to read a book form amazon but not also fellow thisinstuction. but there is a problem on my first project.)
I need crate a project using ofxOSC and I use OF in visual studio 2017 on windows. When I create it by
openframwworks plugin for visual studio 2017 to create a project. This is some mistake and show error message like this:
can not open file “pthread.h”
can not open file “netdb.h”

I search on github and find there is some same problem. So I solve it like this:
method 1: add compile control sentences
find file NetworkingUtils.cpp and UdpSocket.cpp
and add the next sentence below the first include line
#if !defined( WIN32 ) && !defined( _WIN32 )
and add the next sentence at end od the file

method 2: just not include posix folder in project

And I guess some beginner using win32 and vs must will come across the same problem. Try it.

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