Vs2017 and loads of addon errors

Hi All

I have been using vs2015 and a slightly older version of OF for quite some time now, perfectly happily. Yesterday I updated both, to vs2017 and OF 0.10.1. I also updated all the addons that I use, in case of updates there too. Since then I’ve been trying and failing to build my basic projects that include addons.

I am using the project generator, and a ‘blank’ project builds successfully, but when, (for instance), I include the ofxCsv addon, I get waves of type specifier and syntax errors as per the below.

Please can someone help me out? I can’t seem to find where I am going wrong, and it is fairly crippling; I can’t compile any of my projects now. Is there a linker setting or library I have missed?


in OF 0.10 among other breaking changes we removed std from the global namespace. you can easily fix this problem by including ofMain.h in any file that complains about that issue

Don’t expect every addon to work right away, whenever we do a major release, when the second number in the version changes, there are breaking changes and addons that haven’t been updated in a while might have some problems

Thanks for the quick response, I really appreciate it.

I was expecting to have to edit some of the addon files, just a bit overwhelmed with how many errors are being thrown.

Including ofMain does seem to be clearing some. I’m also getting a lot of errors around Poco/ inclusions, is there another fix I need to do here?

Thanks again

poco has been removed from the core and is now an addon so you just need to add that addon to your project, it’s called ofxPoco

Ok, thanks

Still got a scary number of error throws. I think on balance I might roll back to 0.9.8 and vs2015 for now… at least until some of the addons are a bit more fixed.

Never mind! And thanks anyway.

Will post another error I’m getting on vs2015 elsewhere