Vs2015 to 2017 upgrade font rendering

I have a really strange issue, I upgraded from vs2015 to vs2017 and a project I am working on does not render fonts correctly any more. The fonts examples work fine in debug and release mode. I cannot compile in release mode as there is an issue with the release version of the pugixml lib in vs 2017, but debug compiles and I get the following result:

I have completely rebuilt the project, cleared the obj folder, but nothing makes any difference. I am not doing anything fancy, just loading fonts:

    messageFontHuge.load("frabk.ttf", 44, true, true);
	messageFontLarge.load("frabk.ttf", 24, true, true);
	messageFontMedium.load("frabk.ttf", 16, true, true);
	messageFontSmall.load("frabk.ttf", 10, true, true);

and drawing strings

    string nextVisitor = "Ready to start a new session";
	messageFontHuge.drawString(nextVisitor, (ofGetScreenWidth() - messageFontHuge.getStringBoundingBox(nextVisitor, 0, 0).width) / 2, (ofGetScreenHeight() - messageFontHuge.getStringBoundingBox(nextVisitor, 0, 0).height) / 2);

I am deploying this project to 3 other machines that are still running vs2015 and there everything is rendered fine, and to do this I copy my source files to the remote machines and compile so the code is the same.

The machines are different but all the hardware is running up to date drivers. I also am working on a fresh install of windows.

As I said, the fonts examples display fine in all modes, so I am little confused as to how this is happening. If anyone has any insight it would be great to know.

that looks like an issue with blending but no idea why going from vs2015 to 2017 would make that happen. It’s probably something where you are changing the blend mode and somehow is not set back as it should

Ok, I actually think it is something to do with the current intel integrated gfx driver. If I force the app to use my nvidia card it renders fine. I am not changing or accessing any blending functions at all. Weird still is that when I run the fonts example, even forced to the integrated card it is fine.

How do you force the app to use a particular graphics card?

Right click on the app an select run with graphics processor. For me then going to change default graphics processor and using the NVIDIA utility is more reliable.