Vs2015 cannot open input file (ofxOpenCv addon error)

I am trying to add the ofxOpenCv addon to an existing application in vs2015. I can do so via the solution explorer/openframeworks addons option; which successfully adds the correct addon files to the solution.

However; when I attempt to build the solution, I get the following error:

‘LNK1181 cannot open input file ‘;.obj’

I understand that this is maybe a linker error (perhaps to do with the additional dependencies dialogue) but I am unsure how to fix it. Can anyone tell me what to do?

The openCV examples compile and run fine on my system.


Have you tried using the project generator? i think there’s a problem with the vs wizard with certain addons libraries

Yeah, I tried that first up. Annoyingly the project generator gave me more major issues with all the other addons that I am already using; that’s where I fell down the upgrade to OF0.10 and vs2017 rabbit hole last night. Ah well.

I’ve just worked through through all:
Solution properties/linker/general/additional library directories
Solution properties/linker/input/additional dependencies

It does look like the vs wizard has garbled all of the linker addresses in these locations. It includes %3b rather than returning to a new line after each one. Rewriting them all manually in notepad and then copy pasting to replace what the wizard did has now fixed the issue; I don’t get the above error any more and the project compiles.

Haven’t tested the addon is functional yet but I don’t see why it wouldn’t be. Figured the above might be useful to other lost souls one day.