vs2010 + addons issue

Hi again !

I recently got some free time so I was focusing on OF once again. I was trying out different methods from core OF libs which worked absolutely fine with vs2010 [Utlimate]. I tried few things with images and then grabbing webcam frames, manipulating them etc…

Next thing I turned to try was using Addons but I did not find any proper tutorial to accomplish this task. By reading other tutorials, I added ‘Existing Files’ to project then set Source and Include directories but its not working. As in it does not compile. Says Could Not find .cpp files.
Is there any step-by-step tutorial for vs2008 ? I’ll manage it with vs2010.

I was browsing forums and found many issues concerning visual studio.

will my problems be solved if I just switch to Codeblocks ? I’m too used to Visual Studio so I opted for it at first. but if there’s anything that will make my life easier then I dont have any problems in switching :slight_smile: