VS17, DatGui - Cannot open 'ofxSmartFont.h'

Hi there (first post)!

I’m trying to use DatGui, and even building an otherwise empty project generated by the Project Generator, I get an error when I build.

<path to of>\of_v0.10.0_vs2017_release\addons\ofxdatgui\src\themes\ofxDatGuiTheme.h(25): fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'ofxSmartFont.h': No such file or directory

But it clearly exists and is even included in my project under:

I don’t know enough about getting these things set up to know how to troubleshoot further so any help is greatly appreciated. I’m in Visual Studio 2017 if that helps.

Thank you!

addons need to all go inside the addons folder directly not inside libs of another addon