.vs folder too big in VS2017

Visual Studio creates a hidden folder “.vs” for each project and it used to be ~10 kB in VS2015; however VS2017 takes a few hundred MB. This is not helpful when you develop on a laptop or a tablet with a small storage. I found that this is due to auto precompiled header and disabling this will reduce the folder to a few MB.

Here’s the solution: to disable precompiled header, as described in the link above, go to Tools > Options > Text Editor > C/C++ > Advanced and set Disable Automatic Precompiled Header as true (or you can limit the quota)

I guess this is quite important and should be documented in the setup guide:


Thanks a lot bro. You saved my day! God bless you

Wow, yeah, thanks for explaining this! My .vs folder in VS2017, for small OF projects, are around 4 gigabytes!