Vs code version and playing the video

Hello, dear All!

I have 2 questions and sorry for the simple beginner problems. :slight_smile:

  1. I am using windows and having the newest version of VS Code, but i had to also install the 2017 version to start using openFrameworks. I guess, it should be possible to run oF on newer Version, as well. If it is right, please, give me the instructions. (recently, i tried to reinstall the newest VS Code, but it did not give me the “window” (for choosing needed features, as shown on the official website instruction video) to set it up.

  2. Second help i need regarding video playback, just simply playback. I followed some tutorial and make it work, but only with using the lower resolution videos (320, 220) and smth like that. Whenever I try to play the video, that i rendered from Blender, with resolution of 1920, 1080, it stucks and only sound is audible.
    what can be the problem for that, can you give me some insrtuctions, please?


Notice that VS Code is not the same as Visual Studio, as far as I know, it is Visual Studio what is officially supported, while VS Code support is more like an experimental thing.

Then, on windows there is an issue with videos where these play really slow when you compile on debug mode, thus you will need to compile on release mode so it works properly.

thanks for your reply. yeah, looks like i made a mistake with abbreviation, but still, you understood what i meant :slight_smile:
okey, i will try to find out what is “release mode”, it should be in debugging options i guess…
thanks again!!

found it, thanks!!