VS 2015 + of_v0.9.0_vs_release + openframeworksLib_debug.lib problem

Hello, I am newbie to Open Framework, I just follow the next instructions: https://visualstudiogallery.msdn.microsoft.com/77678909-81b8-494b-b75c-d97dd7a3eaa6 and http://openframeworks.cc/setup/vs/.
I have next error (after creating new openFrameworks project):
file could not be found \of_v0.9.0_vs_release\libs\openFrameworksCompiled\lib\vs\Win32\openframeworksLib_debug.lib
ofc file doesn’t exist in this directory (in repository this file doesn’t exist too)

Win 8.1 x64, VS 2015

What should I do?

I solved this, need build it from directory \openFrameworksCompiled\project\vs, it creates this file