VS 2008 AllAddOnsExample Build Errors with ofxNetworkUtils


Started with of_preRelease_v0062_vs2008_FAT EmptyProject is building fine. I can build addon examples like 3d model loader, but allAddOnsExample or any addon example dealing wtih ofxNetworkUtils.h is not building.

I get a whole ton of these:

1> my path : error C2065: ‘ECONNRESET’ : undeclared identifier
1> my path : error C2051: case expression not constant

Is ofxNetwork broken here? Has anyone done a successful clean up of these, or am I overlooking something.

Thanks for anyone who has an answer.


So I went back to a of_preRelease_v0.06_win32_cb download I had and copied all the files dealine with ofxNetwork over and allAddOnsExamples compiled and ran as did the networkTcpClientExamples.

Now however when I attempt a more sophisticated app dealing with openKinect I am getting a linking error.

1>fatal error C1900: Il mismatch between 'P1' version '20080116' and 'P2' version '20070207'  
1>LINK : fatal error LNK1257: code generation failed  

Don’t know if these are related but any ideas are greatly appreciated.


In fact as I found deep in another thread Downloading and installing the VS 2008 SP1 fixed this. Lookie there the internets helped me solve these problems. :slight_smile:

Now just the last issue is posted on the Kinect Thread, I am getting an access error when I try to start the camera with the attempt at an NUI Port.