Volumetric light wallpaper generator!

Here you have the Isaac Hayes Wallpaper Generator!

Built using OF+Emscripten.


  • Load images from browser to OF (Base64 encoding and passing as a string)
  • Save images from OF to browser (to PNG and then to Base64)
  • Cool and sort of cheap gpu light magic tricks

You can find the repo here. And also some explanation on the theory behind light shafts.

You can upload your own pictures with transparency and pierce your cat’s eyes or something!


5.2 MB? the build from OF to emscripten used to be bigger than this. Did you tune something or it is just the default compilation from OF to emscripten?

that’s really nice! @edapx I think in release mode with the nighlty builds without addons now that we don’t use poco it should be around that size

Wow, the size went down a lot. Also, actually it is using an addon, the ofxGui

i think it wasn’t so different in release, around 7/8Mb if i remember well. debug is much bigger though

It would be interesting to see how much performance and size change when compiled to wasm. (@chuckleplant, in case you want to try it out, there is some documentation in this issue on GH https://github.com/openframeworks/openFrameworks/issues/5702 )

Besides of the excitement to see this app running in the browser, the lights look really cool :wink:

Thanks for passing by! For the emscripten build here are the changes for config.make:


But I don’t think that has any impact on binary size. I didn’t even change much of the template other than adding functionality for OF-browser intercommunication.

@edapx I didn’t know about the WASM option. I do get this error on startup:

[4690:37379:0725/000222.544836:ERROR:browser_gpu_channel_host_factory.cc(103)] Failed to launch GPU process.

But everything runs smoothly anyways. I can try the option later and report back!

love this!!