VJ-Software with OF?

Hello all,

I am planning to program a VJ-Software, where you can play videos as a stream and show effects (like in winamp) which depends on the incoming audio.

Therefore I have to analyse the audio, react on them, change the color of the video and some of this stuff.

Now my question:

  1. Did somebody do something like this in his past or has some experiences in those topic?
  2. Are there any problems with OF do implement something like this(I think OF is perfect)?


Hello Seven!

There was a thread about something similar:

Maybe AlexandreRangel can help you or give you some advice?


I’m getting excellent results from my efforts to code the Quase-Cinema VJ software in C++/OF. The framework is both stable and fast performing.
I’ll publish the software on the upcoming months.
And, yes, OF also can deal with audio analisys (FFT).

Hi AlexandreRangel,

your Quase-Cinema VJ software looks very interesting. Do you also plan to publish the source-code?
But anyway I am glad that there is someone who knows something about audio analysis and can reply some of my future questions.