VIVE Tracker / camera tracking / tracking 3D

hi everyone;

i tried to find some documentation / addons to use Vive Trackers into a 3D world in OF but didnt find anything. does anyone knows or ever used this sensor with an OF project? even if getting its raw data and sending the coordinates by osc, for example.

or, is there a better way to place real objects into a 3D reference?
for me is important to have all x,y,z, in a 100 meters square (10m X 10m) and where it is pointing to.

the idea is to map objects and interact with lights, sounds, projectors, 3d video parallax, and so on. I remember to see some @memo and @JoanieLemercier projects, that did it very well, as shown below:

Memo Akten
Joanie Lemercier

thank you!! :upside_down_face: