visualizing big text file

i would like to make an app that visualize a text file.

My txt file is very big , ithas a lot of data (text).
I need to dynamically generate different kind of visualizationg based on that txt file.

I was wondering which is the best approach for this ( when i have big .txt file) . Is it a good approach to visualizate my data reading directly from the txt file or should be a better to use a database?

Is there any benefit of using database in terms of speed and efficiency? or should not be difference?

the text file is 5 mb. thanks in advance


The specifics will depend on what exactly you want to do with the visualization, but 5 Mb is not very big so I would suggest just reading it directly from the file.

I would only bother with a database or something if it were bigger than the available RAM, so maybe 2+ gig