Visual Studio Express 2010 and oF 0.8.0


Is it possible to compile oF 0.8.0 for Visual Studio 2010 (C++ express version), I don’t really want to switch to 2012 (eats all my ram + super big download) …

If this isn’t possible I guess I’ll go for CodeBlocks, but it would be great if this could work …

Your opinion counts: if you think I should rather use CodeBlocks, please say it in the comments, I don’t mind dropping VS,

Thanks for your help

Code::Blocks is hell compared to Visual Studio… but I only have VS2010 here…

I managed to compile 0.8.0, with VS 2010 (no VS 2012 installed), by editing

ofTypes.h at line 187 (added the tr1 namespace after std)

	template<typename Tp1>  
	ofPtr(const ofPtr<Tp1>& __r, std::tr1::_Dynamic_tag)   
	: std::tr1::shared_ptr<T>(__r, std::tr1::_Dynamic_tag()) { }  

Hope it won’t change or break anything, but seems to do the trick

Hey justadude, I´d been trying the same thing but it doesnt work at all can you tell how do you run an 0.8.0 example in VS2010 without getting an error?

Hey @Pabbock

I would suggest using OF 0.8.1 with VS 2012 Express.
Its a free download and it will contain a lot of bug fixes over 0.8.0

There will be other issues in using VS2010 with OF 0.8.0 including libraries not linking ( all C++ libs have to be compiled with the same compiler - so C++ libs that OF uses in 0.8.0 are all compiled for VS 2012 )

Sorry Pabbock, I changed my setup since then, I’m now on OSX with XCode … as far as Windows is concerned, I’d try VS2012 or CodeBlocks