Visual Studio Code + MacOS


I was wondering if anyone’s tried using Visual Studio Code for mac and OF in some capacity? Not sure if that’s even possible but thought I’d ask before getting my hands dirty :slight_smile:

I believe the Visual Studio for Mac was a cloud/mobile first solution, while this one does seem to support C++.

There are a few of us who have taken to VS Code on MacOS. This thread even has a few links to some config files for building and running projects.

Hi, just wanna clarify visual studio is an EDI for windows right? is this possible to use vs in OSX?

Google ‘visual studio code’.

It’s available for osx too :wink:

no i mean visual studio IDE . :slight_smile:

visual studio IDE, afaik, it is available just for windows.
If you want to use visual studio code, have a look at by @hrs

thank u @edapx .
i was just confused if i can build and run an xcodeproj to visual studio IDE. and now i know cannot be.:slight_smile:

Actually, it looks I’m wrong. MS offers visual studio IDE also for mac.

But, the recommended way to use OF with mac os is still xcode, as the guide suggest you. Maybe you will find a way to get this IDE working with OF, but for sure it will not be as easy as it sounds.

its ok. i am working on windows and something get into my mind and this get me confused but its all answered now. thanks by the way. can i have your email @edapx if ever i have something to ask i can ask you.

now that visual studio is also available for macOS it might be an interesting idea to make OF work with it too. I would help make it easier to move between operating system, in terms of know how to handle the IDE.