Visual studio 2017 set up question

Hi guys

I have read and follow the setup guide
and successfully set up OF on visual studio 2017

I started a new project within VS -> new -> project -> openframeworks
Then a new project started up

I wanted to confirm it compiles alright
Then I tried to RUN it (local debugger) but then the problem happened
It got like 67 fatal errors
I am totally lost, I got a mac version of it and it worked easy and fine.
I read some earlier post mentioning that 2015 is better supported and I reintalled VS 2015 but the smae error popped up.
I want to know why and want to get it to work. Is there any step by step tutorial somewhere about the basic setup that I can follow ? Thank you



Error C1083 Cannot open include file: ‘ofConstants.h’: No such file or directory openFrameworksLib d:\openframeworks\of_v0.10.0_vs2017_release\libs\openframeworks\3d\ofmesh.h 6


you need to use the projectgenerator that comes with openFrameworks to create a new project.
otherwise you will not have all the dependencies included correctly