Visual Studio 2017 + OF v0.10 Example Projects Out of Date?

Hey All,

I just installed Visual Studio 2017 and the latest OF v0.10. When I run the debugger on any of the examples I get the “These Projects is Out of Date” and it asks me if I want to build them.

Is there anything I can change in Visual Studio so that I don’t get this Out of Date warning or is it the best practice to just build them?

I’m pretty new to this so any help is much appreciated.

have you tried import poject directory to projectGenerator?

Could you point me to directions for how to do that or let me know? I haven’t tried that and don’t know where to find the projectGenerator.


Oh I found the .exe for projectGenerator in the OF download.

I did import an example and save it. It said project successfully generated. I then open the ide, Visual Studio 2017 and run the debugger but it still says these projects are out of date.

I’m using the 10.0.17134.0 Windows SDK.

Do I need a previous SDK to avoid this or?

What’s the exact message that Visual Studio spits out?

I know there’s a message along the lines of a “project being out of date, do you want to rebuild it”. That just means that you’ve made changes since your last build and that you need to rebuild your app. It has nothing to do with the SDK version, and you can check the box in the window if you don’t want it to ask you that every time.

That’s the one!

I guess it’s totally normal then? I can of course just change the setting to always build or ya check that box.

I was just wondering if there was a correct solution to get rid of it.

Yeah it’s totally normal. I usually just check that box, never understood why they ask that, you obviously want to rebuild with your changes :slight_smile: