Visual studio 2015 references

Hi all,

So this is clearly something simple that I just can not figure out. How do I add references in visual studio 2015 for an OF project? Selecting ‘references’ -> ‘add references’ in the solution explorer does not allow me to do so. The browse button is gone in the case of OF projects. Is that even possible for an OF project?

Thanks for the help!

The way i do it is the following:

  1. Right click on Solution, then add/existing project, and provide a vcxproj file.
  2. Then right click on your project (the one containing a main.cpp) and add/reference.
    The previously added project must appear under the list of available projects.

Does that work for you?

Hi Jordi, thanks for looking into this. Unfortunately I still do not see a ‘browse’ button in the references windows which I can see with other project types.

Could you do a screenshot? Also what version of PG are you using?