Visual Studio 2015 + OF, examples not compiling, windows.h not found


Just trying to boot up an example in VS2015, and getting windows.h not found, tried to follow steps on

And the two answers that have been given (in 2014), both the tabs have been removed, “Project->References->C/C+±>General->Additional Include Directories” this path/tab doesn’t exist!

had another search and saw about C++ redist’s, and so I downloaded them and the installer says I have another version already installed, could that be causing the problems?

Do I need the windows SDK? what other dependencies are required for getting an example running?

I’ve never had this problem.
I’ve followed the setup guide
and every thing always works.
The only step you have to had to this is to create a c++ project when you first run vs2015 as It does not come with c++ .
When you create a c++ project vs2015 start automatically the installation of the necessary file to develop in c++

@taprik yeah I followed that guide too, I had much smoother sailing setting up qtCreator, all examples ran fine. I think it’s to do with the C++ redistributables, I remember having to install a specific one a while ago to get a version of max or maya to work. I’m gonna blame autodesk!