Visual Studio 2015 OF 0.9.8 - Code Editor Missing


I’ve just installed VS 2015 with Openframework addons on an ASUS N76V series with an i7 processor, running W7 with integrated intel graphics card and NVIDIA Gforce GT 650M.

Everything seems to be fine. I can open and run example solutions but I can not see the code. The editor window just does not show.

The editor appears when starting a new project > Visual C++> Win32 Project
But it does not appear when starting for a new project > Visual C++> Empty Project or an OF project

Possibly this is a newbie mistake and I just don’t know how to get to the editor.

This is what I tried so far based on advuces I found on the www reporting a simillar problem.

  1. Clearing the ‘ComponentModelCache’ folder

  2. Disabling the GPU i.e. running on the integrated graphics card.

None of the solutions helped.

Any suggestion?

I’ve found two workarounds.

I’ve got the feeling I’m missing something really stupid. How to open a file in the editor. But anyway…

The easy way:

Locate the files in your file manager (windows explorer, total commander, etc) and drag & drop the files onto the empty space (there where the editor is supposed to be): Multiple selection works well, but you can also drag & drop additional files later just on top of the editor and they will show up.

Another more complicated way:

Once you’ve opened a solution or project, do a search (ctrl+F) for ‘/’ or ‘{’ and hit ‘next’. it will progressively open the corresponding files containing those chars. You might also click on ‘find all’. Then go to the results window, select the file of interest and then click on the top left button of the results video ‘go to the location on the current line’. If not yet opened, it will open the corresponding file.

I hope this might help someone as dumb as me. Smarter guys probably do not have this problem.