Visual Studio 2015 help

Do you must create projects in directory openframeworks\apps\myApps?
What are these errors?

First time using openFrameworks and I still don’t really understand how to set-up.

Have you tried to use the project generator included in the openframeworks folder?

also if you are using the vs plugin, yes it’ll work better if you create projects in the apps/myApps (or anything 2 levels below the OF root) by now. with the project generator it’ll work better too if you put your applications 2 levels below the root

I tried it, I thought it would get a command error. But it worked.
It still gives me same errors as shown in the image above.

Is there something about ‘CL.exe’ because it failed to locate it.

Can you compile the examples? my hunch is you didn’t install the c++ toolset since you are missing the system files

Something else you can try is to create an empty c++ console application with visual studio and see if you have the template available. As @DomAmato said, you might be missing the c++ toolset. If you’re missing that template, I think visual studio gives you the option to install it along with all the necessary bits.