Visual Studio 2010 or Visual Studio / oF Setup Tutorial

Is there a tutorial for setting up oF in Visual Studio? - the setup links I’ve found just tell you how to download Visual Studio o.O


See “readme.txt” in your openFrameworks directory. If you want addons too, then see also:…-nstall.xml

Alternatively, I have an *unfinished* program which (mostly) automatically generates VS2008 project files for projects using openFrameworks + addons. I can post it here if you like, but as said, this program is not finished and not all install.xml files are consistent enough to run through the tool. I have posted on this forum about the inconsistent install.xml problem and received no reply; in other words: no one gives a shit.

Visual Studio is truly a second class citizen in the oF world.

EDIT: apologies, it seems a new guide to getting oF working on VS2010 has been posted. See: