Visual Studio 2008 -osc compiling doesn't work anymore

i’m working with Visual Studio 2008 on windows XP. After a day of happiness and fun with openframeworks and it’s examples, where everthing worked fine, suddently i have to deal with a compilation problem.
I can’t compile the examples with the osc libraries:

1>fatal error C1047: The object or library file '..\..\..\addons\ofxOsc\libs\oscpack\lib\win32\oscpack.lib' was created with an older compiler than other objects; rebuild old objects and libraries  
1>LINK : fatal error LNK1257: code generation failed   

(I’m working with the of_preRelease_v0.05_windows_VS_FAT release)
It’s strange to me, because yesterday the compiling worked. I don’t know if it relate to a interim installation of visual Studio express 2005 i’ve did.
Any suggestions?

after installing and compilation with VS 2005 everything work fine!
I think it’s a bad Idea to compile with VS 2008, because a lot of weird things could happen. :wink: