Visual Studio 2008 New Project Setup

As far as I can tell the recommended approach to new project setup with Visaul Studio 2008 is to duplicate the “emptyExample” directory from the OpenFrameworks windows download, and rename it within the same “examples” parent directory. This seems great for just testing some experiments, but contains too many dependencies to share amongst multiple developers.

Does anyone know how to actually make a project from scratch that lives somewhere else? I’d like to setup a project with the following folder structure and can’t quite seem to get my Visual Studio configuration settings to compile fully:

ProjectName (root directory)
ProjectName/src (main.cpp, testApp.h, testApp.cpp etc…)
ProjectName/libs (All openFrameworks source code)
ProjectName/libs/addons (All openFrameworks addons)
ProjectName/bin (output directory)

I have the same problem as you.

Have to setup a new project from scratch for work
and I’m not getting the linking done.

Would be very helpful if someone from the team could
write a guide for setting up a new project,
so programmers working in teams have a template
as well as artists.

Best regards,


I have never suffer such problem with such project. Well I have installed it from the CD and it took a lot of time time to installation. It takes three to four hours to installed. But now I am safe as I having no any issue regarding this projects.

This is for VS 2010 however it should work for 2008 regardless. The problem here is that the way this code is set up is to have well separated, and everything is in relative paths. If you want to set up one in a different location it is a lot of work and that is why, I would the empty project is the easiest to do.

Two options first copy all of the required source code into your own project directory.

This is the lib files, as well as all the headers that are in the include directories of all the folders in the libs section. Then in your include directories, your additional library directories and the actual name of all the libraries in the additional dependency’s (this is all located in your project properties section). You can get a list of all of this by looking at the empty example and the corresponding sections. The issues with this is that there is no copy pasting, you need to do this all by hand, at least i have not found an easier way to put them all in.

paste openframeworks, into your program files, create your own empty project wherever you like, do the same as above except you use absolute path names. Therefore as long is it is on the computer when you make a project from your own empty it will work…

Addons are different you need to add all of the source code to your project and do the whole include thing as well.