Visual C++ 2010 Express - Disable running if not compiled!

I’ve been trying to deal with Visual C++ 2010 Express and there are two things that greatly interrupt my work flow. I used to work with CodeBlocks so I’ll use that as reference.

1.-When I’m programming and I try to compile something that has an error that can only be seen in runtime it will compile and after I run I get an error which is normal. Next, when I try to fix the error but make some other very noticeable written errors the compiler will stop compiling but WILL STILL RUN the old executable that crashed earlier, leaving me with a bunch of windows and messages that cannot be easily or correctly closed. <— Can I make it so that Visual C++ doesn’t run old executable?

2.-Every time it is compiling I can see in the “Output” dialog that the “Show output from: Build” shows that important stuff happening, a few errors and such which is very important to me but by the time I close the executable I get thrown to “Show output from: Debug” which I’ve found has absolutely no relevant information for me (at this time). So I’d like to set that to ALWAYS show Build output.

I’m guessing these issues can be fixed in the Tools-> “Settings” or “Options” but there are so many options that I don’t know what to change.

Any help? =D thank you.