Virtual reality development in 2020

Looking to do a small VR project, fairly simple render to a headset, hoping to avoid using something like Unity or Touch or some other bloated development environment.

Something like ofxOpenVR looks ideal, but it appears to be well out of date, and windows only (I can do Mac or Linux).

All I really need to be able to do is draw my own 3d scene for both eyes, and send it to the headset. Hopefully the panning/head-tracking is done for me.

If anybody has a good solution for this, please suggest. Thanks!

For kicks I compiled openVR for mac and i worked fine with ofxOpenVR so I made a test addon

GPUs in mac are so crappy that this did not seem worth pursuing, but it did function on OSX.
Linux is probably a better bet, this process was not difficult, you could be running fast compiling the openVR as a lib and adding it to the project.

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thanks for the tip! will look this over and give it a shot.

Thank you for this. The original ofxOpenVR wasn’t working on my machine and I had to make a terrible workaround. Ironically your version for mac also worked for Windows.