Virtual camera driver

Hi, I have been looking around for an alternative to Syphon for windows. I want to pass video to other apps (max, isadora etc). I wanted to end up with an addon that I could pass an ofImage to that would then send the image to other apps in disguise as a video input device.

I have no idea if this is a possible or sensible approach, or indeed whether it would work at all.

I had a look around and asked a few questions and had a great response from someone suggesting I start here

It is a test program to create a virtual camera that will be seen as a video input device by other programs. I have very little experience with windows programming and I have no idea where to start. I am happy to try and make this work myself (very slowly) but I wanted to ask if anyone could give me an idea of where to start- it seems this has stumped me.

Thanks for any clues

This probably isn’t exactly what you’re looking for since it’s closed source and can’t really be integrated directly with OF… but at least it proves that your idea is possible: CamTwist:

This little app has a mode which grabs a feed from any chunk of screen pixels and wraps it up to look like a camera source to the rest of the OS.

I know it kind of looks like rubbish / spamware, but if you set the video source to “Desktop” and ignore the rest of the filters and effects it will do its thing. I’ve used it with Processing and OF with good results, it’s just another camera as far as the app is concerned.

Thanks for the reply, I have used camtwist before- that is where I got the idea. My problem is I don’t want to have to have the image displayed to feed it out. I will keep searching.


We are trying to do the same thing on a Mac. There must be a way to create a virtual driver that looks like a UVC camera from OF. This way skype and other video programs would see it as a camera. Please let me know if you have any luck with this.

iGlasses is a virtual camera driver, which is also Syphon aware. Try it out?

Found this gem if anyone’s still looking: