Videos on OF homepage opencall

Hi everyone,
I want to do a video with a mashup of videos of cool things done with openframeworks with the intention to post it in the OF homepage instead of the actual video (one from 2008).
To limit the amount of videos the idea is to do a 2011 showreel, so just post things done on 2011.
2012 stuff should go on an eventual 2012 showreel.

I’d like to see as well as screenrecordings, a lot of real world implementation and usage.

Please submit your videos using the following form:

Also, any kind of help for doing this mashup is really welcome.
Many thanks in advance.

As I mentioned in the mailing list I’d be glad to help with the editing and all that. To kick off, I’ve got some video’s on my vimeo page:

Author: Daan van Hasselt

Audioreactive live poetry:
Diffusion limited aggregation:

@daan, many thanks for offering help. I’ll collect the videos first and then we can split the editing task.
Cool videos btw. I liked a lot the diffusion limited aggregation.

I think we should aim for about 30 videos. To anticipate on some captions, would it be wise to require a title and the name & website of the author for every video? I updated my first post to reflect this. Maybe even set up a simple form for people to submit their videos?

videos from me:

getUserPixels -->
protection suit -->
the visitation -->

commercial stuff from the agency I’m working for

toyota geneva 2012 -->
toyota touch&go -->

greetings ascorbin

Hey Roy! Wonderful idea.

I have some videos to share:

Efecto Mariposa


3D Particles + kinect

Kinect Auto Calibrator:


Author: Patricio Gonzalez Vivo

Thanks ascorbin and pato.
Daan’s idea is good. every video should have a title and name and website of the author.

what about commercial projects ,also accepted?

I like the toxiclibs showreel, it was updated once a year with cool projects

Maybe there should be a yearly OF showreel? So this one would be for 2011, showing projects only launched in 2011?

Otherwise you could end up with hundreds (thousands!?) of projects to put into a video

This is how Karsten did the call for videos

@chris, only 2011 videos is a good idea and a yearly showreel also.
@liquid, as far as I can tell any kind of project could be, either commercial or non-commercial as far as it was done with openFrameworks.

Yes commercial/noncommercial is ok I am sure.

Why don’t you start a public googledoc that anyone can contribute to, or piratepad or something, get everyone to post in one place to keep it organised.

have columns:
video url
author name
author url

Make it clear on the doc ONLY projects that were launched between 1st Jan 2011 and 31st Dec 2011 I think is a great plan. Then one could be done every year to keep things fresh.

also maybe a cut off date, say in 2 weeks time. any videos after this date won’t be included.

if this could be put up on a page somewhere, perhaps in the forum announcements page, then it could be announced on twitter etc to get people to add their 2011 projects.

maybe post this on the of-dev list (i’m not on it anymore)

@chris, great ideas.
I think a pirate pad is easier than a googledoc.
I’ll do all this tomorrow as I need to finish working and it’s 5:30AM :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Enough procrastination so far.


I just started a piratepad for you, but the trouble is anyone can mess with it. You’d have to search back through the history to make sure there are no bad changes etc.

What about a googledoc powered by a form:

Easy to fill in & the results can be shared with the people that need to see them.

I’m confused by why you need this info though:

-Where it was showcased and where it was coded (maybe to how how widespread is OF around the world).
-Resolution 1280 *720.
-What’s intended for, ie; projectionmapping, computervision controlled instalation, mobile app, etc.

Showing the country showcase & coded will add a lot of text to the video. Intended for is quite wooly and too open, you could end up with a mass of keywords to sort out and put in the video. Resolution you can see once you download the vid no?

@chris, great, I also just did a pirate pad but the googledocs form is much better.
The resolution is just to bother, :D. the idea is to get good quality videos. not a crappy 320 x 240 pixels.
Yeah, maybe the intended for can be a bit messy.
I was thinking to use the “showcased and coded” info more on some sort of infography rather than writing it over the video itself.

Just to let you all know, the google spreadsheet is closed and we are now working on editing all of your awesome videos into 1 coherent showreel. Thanks a lot for contributing your work!

I submitted a video for my piece ‘Cookie’, a program of generative interactive shaders for VJing, that you can cut and splice as necessary to serve as “bumpers” between other videos. =]

the open call has been already closed. We received about 100 videos. All really good. I’m editing. Titles and captions are in charge of daanvanhasselt.
Sorry that you missed the deadline.
Thanks anyways for the interest.


I think we must aim for around 30 online online videos. To expect in some captions, might it be smart to need a title along with title & website of the artice writer for every movie? I up-to-date my 1st article to mirror this. Perhaps actually arranged a simple form for people to submit their movie clips?