Videos not playing on Amazon Fire TV

Hi everybody,

I have an odd problem using openFrameworks on Amazon’s Fire TV. It seems that when a video is triggered via the gamepad it does not play.

The weird thing is, the same code runs perfectly fine on Amazon’s Kindle Fire HDX and the Fire Phone. Also, videos play on the Fire TV as long as they aren’t triggered by the gamepad.

I wonder if triggering a movie from the gamepad is happening on a different thread and that is what is futzing it up?

Does anybody have any hints on what to look for in the gamepad JNI code? I am relatively new to Android, so not sure where I should dig next.

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oops, forgot to post the answer. i think it was some sort of threading thing. i was able to get videos playing if the controller set a flag that was checked in the main update loop instead of just starting the video from keyReleased().