videoPlayerExample not working on Raspberry Pi 4

I am trying to get video playback working on my Raspberry Pi 4. I was able to compile and run the videoPlayerExample project, but I see the following errors when it runs:

[ error ] ofPixels: format doesn't support channels
[warning] ofGstUtils: getDurationNanos(): couldn't query time duration
[warning] ofGstUtils: getDurationNanos(): couldn't query time duration
[warning] ofGstVideoUtils: update(): ofGstVideoUtils not loaded

I have tried the following ideas:

  • Installing the legacy Buster Raspberry Pi OS
  • Adding fingerMovie.setPixelFormat(OF_PIXELS_NATIVE); to the example
  • Installing both openFrameworks 0.11.0, as the documentation says to do, as well as the latest version
  • Using the ofxOMXPlayer addon. But it fails to compile, and the GitHub repository states that it doesn’t work on Raspberry Pi 4

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hey @Alexander_Miller , did you try installing the nightly build? There have been quite a few changes, including some related to GStreamer libs. You can find it toward the bottom of the Downloads page.