Videoplayer solution _2RealGStreamerWrapper released

hi all,

finally after our first endeavour with FFMpeg to make a stable, performant and easy to use cross platform video lib, we now hopefully succeeded in using GStreamer.
Putting together resources from the internet, cleaning them up and adding some things, a proper library came out.
Thx and credits to Arturo, the GStreamer Tutorials and Mike Creighton (cinder gstreamer prototype), their work gave some valuable input and insight to GStreamer and this lib.

Coding by Steven Stojanovic (CADET) / Robert Praxmarer (CADET)

The library can be found here:

It supports automatic sinks to play audio and video via the native OS libs (directShow,…) and manual buffer decoding so you can feed it to opengl or fmod or cinders audio buffers. It is stable and tested. Currently we try to get it running on Mac, which hopefully should be done soon. If you miss a feature give us a message…