Videoplayer audio played to different speakers (Windows VS)

Hey all,

I’m not very familiar with the audio aspect of OF and wanted to ask if anyone had any experience playing back audio to different channels? More specifically, was looking to play the audio for videos to different speakers (I suppose different channels on 1 device? Not sure if there’s any other possible configuration for this.)

Even just pointing me in the direction of where I should look to try doing this could help!

For different channels, I think the way to go is ofSoundStream class, that deal’s with low level raw audio data. But you need to convert your sound from the video to somekind of raw data buffer to send this data to the soundstream.

Look into the sound examples as well:

Unfortunately, I’m not familiar with the exporting the raw sound data from the video, but hope this help in some way.

Hey thanks for this. I’ve had to go with splitting the audio from the video and playing it in sync, which isn’t terribly graceful, but suits my needs.