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This is really a question aimed at Theo, but someone else might be able to help.

I’ve installed quicktime and video grabber returns the error :
‘could not create the filter graph manager’.

Amcap also says ‘CaptureGraphBuilder - class not registered’

What could I be missing? This is on Windows XP Embedded.

Many thanks

Sounds like a bad driver.
If AmCap can’t connect to it then that is a good indication that the driver is not working properly.

also VideoInput doesn’t need Quicktime to work.

Could you post more details - ie: Modelname etc - which driver you are using.


I am using a hauppauge wintv express.

their standard support reply was:
“I’m afraid that We’ve never tested it with embedded OS, at the same time We wouldn’t expect it to work. In order to get the device working You will need to install it in full version of XP OS.”

xpe is just slimmed down, so its more about the things that are missing to get stuff working.

What a pain.

Hi Theo

After much pain I got rid of the filter error message at least. It seems to be down to DirectShow, so after many many wasted hours trying to figure out XPe I installed DirectX. Now I no longer get that error, in amcap or videoinput.

However it does crash my application. In amcap it just says:
ERROR during capture, error code=00000000

Any possible ideas?

I’m also trying to find an alternative video capture device that will work with XPe but not having much luck.

Hi Theo

I am now trying my third device to get it working with Windows Embedded with no luck…-/overview/

I have direct9 installed, and the drivers successfully installed. However the image is black when i try their software, and it crashes ofw when trying to capture video.

Do you know much about filter graphs?

Andreas told me about editgraph. The device works perfect on XP, just not XPe.

hey chris!

what happens when you use it with AmCap?

It sounds like you are missing Directshow / DirectX files from your XPe install so things aren’t working right?

A filter graph is just a chain of directshow filters that manage the connections for a capture device. The filter graph includes filters that select the input, select the video format, compression type etc and whether the video data goes to a file or to your screen.

The only way I see is for you to either get directshow running as it does on XP - or use a capture device that has its own propriety interface that doesn’t rely on directshow/directx.

Are you using XPe SP2 - this article says it comes with DirectX support:

Also in this link the guys mentions getting the directx 9.0b runtime working in xpe with videoCapture -

This also looks like a good thread related to your problem:

Looks like there is a quite a bit to do!

Hope that helps!

Thanks Theo.

I have installed DirectX 9.0c.

I have also installed this :
Altiris XPe Add-On (Scanner and Webcam Support)

Some success, sort of. The video is viewable in Editgraph, here is a screenshot

However I am still getting a filter error.

I’ve just found this amazing program that tells you any problems with usb image devices and directshow
Webcam Diagnostics (same creator as amcap)

On XP everything works out ok. On XPe it fails on ‘Components registration’ which “checks whether some required direcshow components are registered in the system”. I right clicked on the error then selected fix.

Now the video shows up in Amcap, hurrah.

Nice find!
Wow - that looks super useful.

So does it work in OF now?

Yep. I will write a tutorial about getting ofw running on XPe on the wiki, its quite tricky to learn, but easy once youv’e done it.