VideoGrabber example problem


I was trying to get a little web cam or OBS virtual camera working with oF, but I am getting these errors on the example projects.


Anybody have any clues, I looked on the net but I don’t see anything different. I am wondering why it would connect and then say buffers are not matching, love errors, which buffers? :slight_smile:

Windows 10- oF 0.1.1



looks like you are requesting 1920x1024 can you try 1920x1080 instead?

Well that is embarrassing. :wink:

Actually last night I did the major research, that was a fat finger. :slight_smile: Still same issue as last night changing my mistake today.


This is 01 simple ascii text. I’m not really new to this stuff, but the video is abstracted back so nicely I can’t really debug it. :slight_smile:

As well I am also setting the device id to 1;



// try to grab at this size
camWidth = 1920;
camHeight = 1080;



Here is the exit status; (when I closed the window)


Hmm weird.

And you are aiming to use the OBS virtual camera?
Is OBS already running with actual output coming into the virtual camera when you start the OF app?

I saw on a forum that some people report directshow issues with the OBS virtual camera. Compared to the one listed here:

Maybe give that one a go if nothing else works?
Also might be good to check in another program if you can get the OBS feed coming in?

All the best,

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Thanks Theo, yeah video is not my primary use case right now so I can set it to the side.

Things like this I don’t want to waste your time, but I have my son’s go pro I can test tomorrow and really know if there is something wrong on my end or just an incompatible camera.

The other USB camera was old, so it seemed I might have a shot with OBS, no dice. :slight_smile:

Edit: Will definitely research OBS tomorrow as well to see if anything obvious occurs to me.


Ah okay.

Maybe try:

//use the life cam camera 
// try to grab at this size
camWidth = 1280;
camHeight = 720;

I think the native res for the webcam is 1280x720 - so that could help?


No difference, just checking in.

If I find out the problem, will be sure to post back.

Thanks again!

Hey Theo!

Well I thought I would just report back, since I haven’t done anything with video, I hadn’t checked on the OBS stuff.

But… funny enough, yesterday I was working on shaders and opened a sample that had a webcam code.

Majically that cheap old webcam was coming through loud and clear! haha My guess is a restart activated some driver install or something in Win10 the next day.

If I do get back to check the OBS issue, will post back as well.